For the user promotes current and future events of all descriptions including discounts, sales and offers which last a short period of time. E.G A Summer Sale.
How to add an event

Go to

1. Register and confirm.
2. Login and Add an Event.
3. Follow the instruction guidelines.
4. To add an event date depends on if your event is for one day only or if it repeats.

– One day only – just add start date.
– Daily Repeat Simple – Enter Start Date and Add end Date with End Date.
– Daily, Weekly, Monthly Repeat Extensive – Enter Start Date and then Repeat functions.

5. Add a website or bookings link. The link address must include http:// or https://

6. Now consider promoting your main website on the global website showcase. See the corresponding page here on Website Showcases on

Adding Direction/Location Maps:

Direction maps are only used to add an event and confirm you have the correct location. Users that wish to locate your venue should have access to this information on your own website.


Our website operates from the United Kingdom but allows events on a Global basis.

English is the default language, however, you can use your browser language settings to translate the pages where necessary.

Where non-english participants use their native language to post information, likewise, readers of other languages can use their browser translation service to read the information in their native language.