Why showcase your website?

Websites have become the fundamental way that businesses promote their goods and services on the internet which in turn gives them a global audience.

Having a visual representation of your website on a dedicated portal gives additional support to advertising campaigns being run by companies on the web, on television, on radio and in print.

Through extensive knowledge of how the internet has grown and changed we believe this service reinforces your brand and with the added benefit of a recognised word to supplement this ‘WOTSON’, a registered trademark, it will only be a matter of time before the benefits will be appreciated.

How to submit a website for ‘FREE’:

Go to wotson.net

Before you start if the website has taken a lot of effort to have an ‘English’ version on their website it is best to use that information to reach the global audience, otherwise just use the native language, there are many translation tools out there.
It’s simple to do – just follow these instructions:

Take a Screenshot of the image on your computer, (approx. 1200x630px and less than 1Mb), see our example on wotson.net You may need to edit it to remove any unwanted borders. You will need this later.

1. Register and confirm.
2. Login and Add a Website.
3. Follow the instruction guidelines.
4. Select the correct CATEGORY.
5. Add the End Date December 2016.
6. Add the website address. The link address must include http:// or https://
7. Add your website screenshot to the page you want displayed.
8. Save, view and check your content – use the edit button below your image.
9. If your image displays incorrectly re-take your screenshot and change it using the edit button and 7 above.

If you wish to add another website just login to your account and repeat the process from 2-9 above.

How to take a screenshot of a website.

Firstly make sure the website you are looking at is on a desktop, laptop or tablet.

Taking screenshots from a smartphone may not show the main website image homepage or quality.

Remember that after you take the screenshot you should edit to only show the website area not your browser header or footer areas.

The perfect size for screenshots for wotson is 1200×660 and less than 1Mb. Any other size will appear correctly buy may lose parts of the image above and below. Try it and see you can re-edit and re-upload the image as required.


Hit the PrtScn button to take a screenshot of the entire screen:

When using Windows, pressing the Print Screen button (located in the top right of the keyboard) will take a screenshot of your entire screen. Hitting this button essentially copies an image of the screen to the clipboard. You’ll then need to paste the image into Word, Paint or some other image editing program to view, edit or save the image.

If you’d like to capture only the active window press the Alt and PrtScn buttons together.


Hit the Command, Shift and 3 keys together to take a screenshot of the entire screen:

When using Mac, pressing the Command, Shift and 3 buttons together will take a screenshot of your entire screen. This screenshot will be automatically saved to your desktop.

Press the Command, Shift and 4 keys together to take a screenshot of a selected area.
For further information use our contact us pages.


Our website operates from the United Kingdom but allows events on a Global basis.

English is the default language, however, you can use your browser language settings to translate the pages where necessary.

Where non-english participants use their native language to post information, likewise, readers of other languages can use their browser translation service to read the information in their native language.

For further information use our contact us pages.

Please note this is a public viewing website and used by all ages.

This website is powered by WOTSON®.