What’s in a name?

WOTSON® – What’s On, Whats On, Whatson, or just WOTSON®.

Easy to use, easy to remember, internet friendly, international and spelt how it sounds.

Wotson® has plans to utilise its Trademark Name across various disciplines starting with our ‘Showcase Promotions’ at Wotson The Net Showcases and ‘Global Events’ and Wotson Free Global Events.

For more information about how you can invest and take part in our development, or to arrange a meeting with the Founder and Managing Director, please email us using the contact form with the subject heading ‘Investors’.

A short synopsis about Wotson® can be found on our About Us page.

More information will be released here in due course. WOTSON®

Wotson® and it’s various websites are part of Wotson Group Limited registered in England and Wales company number 10087881.

Wotson® is also a registered trademark No: UK00002275341